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$20.2 Billion/Year for Air Conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan, But Poor US Kids Get Less Food Aid

When the US spends $20.2 billion a year on a convenience for troops at military bases in the far flung corners of the world but Republicans cut $868 million or 13% of the entire program from food supplement programs from … Continue reading

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Growth Keeps Disappointing Because?

The central bank released new economic projections that showed weaker growth in both 2011 and 2012 than had been forecast just two months ago. Despite the slowdown, the Fed said it will end a program of buying vast sums of … Continue reading

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Do Nothing About the Budget!

EDIT: Yikes, read this wrong! Really wrong! I am ashamed. Italics are additions If Congress implements existing law, there is no budget crisis budget deficits will be much smaller than anticipated. The US budget will do a lot of the … Continue reading

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Breaking: Illegal Immigrants Contribute to Farming – Thur Helpin Our Furms!

Yeah, this was a bad business policy. Georgia’s HR 87, enacting strong measures against illegal immigration, has done its job. Less illegals are now picking crops. Victory for everybody! Now, Georgia’s farms – the state’s largest industry – are 11,000 … Continue reading

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The Bottom 90% Have Little Stake Wall Street

As shown below, the Bottom 90% of the country (can you even believe we have to use the term the Bottom 90%) doesn’t own a large percentage of financial products, so gains on Wall Street do not directly benefit a … Continue reading

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Five More Reasons the Modern Republican Party Deserves Annihilation

The Republicans just passed a terrible food and farm spending bill in committee. Yet another example of why the modern Republican Party deserves annihilation – I think that’s going to start being a regular feature. In one bill: House Republicans … Continue reading

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The Contradictory Switch From Budget Busting Tax Cuts to Spending Cuts to Save the Budget Still Boggles

Sometimes I think President Obama likes to have his cake and eat it too. When President Obama used Republican support to extend the Bush tax cuts for another two years back in December, it made sense if you understand and … Continue reading

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Day 6: Desert Tortoises Still Costing Us Money, Oh And Extending Bush’sTax Cuts and Foreign Wars, But Really – Tortoises!

Six days after Biden’s tough talk about shutting down for its extravagant cost, THE SITE STILL EXISTS. It has now cost the US taxpayer an unnecessary $4! (Yeah it’s renewed on a monthly basis so it may have not … Continue reading

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US Women Are Dying Younger Than Women in Panama and Vietnam

We seem intent on destroying ourselves. In 737 U.S. counties out of more than 3,000, life expectancies for women declined between 1997 and 2007. For life expectancy to decline in a developed nation is rare. Setbacks on this scale have … Continue reading

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Chuck Schumer Trying to Change Patent System to Please Banks, Committing Falacious Special Pleading

The banks have demanded a change to the patent system, and Senator Chuck Schumer has moved to please his constituents. DataTreasury, a small business run by Claudio Ballard, owns the patent for software that digitizes checks in an end-to-end process. … Continue reading

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