Day 6: Desert Tortoises Still Costing Us Money, Oh And Extending Bush’sTax Cuts and Foreign Wars, But Really – Tortoises!

Six days after Biden’s tough talk about shutting down for its extravagant cost, THE SITE STILL EXISTS. It has now cost the US taxpayer an unnecessary $4! (Yeah it’s renewed on a monthly basis so it may have not cost the taxpayer any additional money after Biden’s announcement but you get the idea).

Let’s see how the Obama administration fares on the tough budget choices rhetoric.

$125/month for disseminating information on how to save an endangered species and report sightings of the species.


  • $664 million fixed and additional $40 million/month to bomb Qaddafi. Fox News
  • $118 million for 118 drone attacks in Pakistan for 2010, at $1 million each. And we only got our targets in 2 of them for an accuracy rate of 1/59.
  • $860 billion for extending the Bush tax cuts – mostly for the wealthy – another two years. CNN

These little military dandies are actions the Obama administration chose to engage on its own and wasn’t part of the Bush legacy of budget busting actions.

I’m hoping most of us could agree that out of the trillions of dollars we’ve spent in foreign adventurism in the last decade, most of that would have been better spent at home. As for the Bush tax cuts, we’ve discussed this before and you can find anywhere on the Internet, they neither paid for themselves or stimulated the economy much. It would have been better had they never happened.

So if we’re going to talk smaller budgets – which should be a debated policy to begin with (but it isn’t) – can we cut the shit about the high cost tortoise websites and limit our military interventions and stop implementing ineffective tax cuts?

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