$20.2 Billion/Year for Air Conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan, But Poor US Kids Get Less Food Aid

When the US spends $20.2 billion a year on a convenience for troops at military bases in the far flung corners of the world but Republicans cut $868 million or 13% of the entire program from food supplement programs from federal programs for American infants, children, and their low-income mothers, there’s a disconnect between the Serious People and 9 million Americans on government priorities.

And to speak the truth against this inevitable argument:

“And anyway, it’s not the war that’s broken Washington’s piggy bank,” he adds, noting that Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security account for far more spending than the $107 billion the Pentagon says it will spend in Afghanistan next year.

Wrong, the debt as projected out through 2019 is mostly due to the avoidable decisions of Republicans 2000-2006 to enact two rounds of ineffective tax cuts and the Wars. Most of the remaining debt was spent on recovery efforts of the deregulated financial sector collapse.

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