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My Penis Is Too Big To Fail

Goddamn, it works. It all works so well. I’m sure psycopath traders has used this line to great success in early morning Manhattan. SMBC

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7 of the 10 Largest Bankruptcies in US History Have Occurred in the Last 3 Years

Once you add MS Global into the mix. It’s a shame nothing could have been done about all this. The mysterious vagaries of the business cycle are unbounded…

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Retooling the Occupy Movement Into An Effective Mobilizer for Change

What the Occupy movement has done so far is admirable. It has taken media coverage skewed towards the deficit-reduction obsession of the global elite and forced it to cover the tangible economic problems of the United States:canyon-sized inequality through financial … Continue reading

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Why the Charge “OWS Has No Clear Message” Is Wrong in One Photo

Update: This woman is a reporter and was fired from her job (big surprise, it was part-time) for expressing her political opinion outside of work. Political movements are about steering different interests, and not about getting everyone into one group … Continue reading

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Borne Back Ceaselessly Into the Past

Yesterday, Oct. 3, 2011, the S&P 500 closed at 1,099.23. Exactly three years ago, on Oct. 3, 2008, the S&P 500 closed at 1,099.23. Freakonomics Things are not much improved, things are much the same. If we ignore the mortgage … Continue reading

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Police Fraternity in Brutality

Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protest, the NYPD officers were pulling cameramen unprovoked across the barricade, to beat them just to stop recording arrests. Then the commanding officer pepper sprays a bunch of girls just passively watching. See for … Continue reading

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92% of Bank Managers From 10 Years Ago Still Run the Same Companies

If your company needed a bailout for your management mistakes, you would probably be fired. Our financial oligarchs are all still there, making the same mistakes as before. This is a fucking large failure of political economy.

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Where Is the Mortgage Bailout? If Only the Banks Needed It

It recently came to light that the Federal Reserve gave secret loans of more than $1.2 trillion to more than 300 financial institutions to keep them from collapse. Add on another $700 billion from TARP, and that was $2 trillion … Continue reading

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Amazing, the Markets Recover Somewhat After the Fed Keeps Rates At Zero

It’s almost like the economy is, in fact, doing poorly and actions by the the government to do something about it is reassuring to investors. Who knew.

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Chuck Schumer Trying to Change Patent System to Please Banks, Committing Falacious Special Pleading

The banks have demanded a change to the patent system, and Senator Chuck Schumer has moved to please his constituents. DataTreasury, a small business run by Claudio Ballard, owns the patent for software that digitizes checks in an end-to-end process. … Continue reading

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