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Mooching the Safety Net in a Recession

I really liked this short post in Modeled Behavior a lot, mostly because I agree with it. Karl Smith takes issue with this part of Casey Mulligan’s assertion. One interpretation of these results is that the safety net did a … Continue reading

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UC Police Pepper Spraying Stuff

Oh this park is lovely on a Sunday. And my curiously pixelated parasol is exactly what I need to keep the sun out of my faceAAAUAUAAHAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Happy Thanksgiving. is quite good for a meme.

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Why the UC Students Are Protesting

Mother Jones via Balloon Juice: Six years ago, tuition at the University of California was $5,357. Now $12,192. Slated for $22,068 by 2015. If the tuition increase rises as projected, in ten years, the price of a public education in … Continue reading

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Here We Go: Egypt’s Civilian Cabinet Resigns

I’m pretty protestors want the military rulers to resign and may be ambivalent towards the civilian Cabinet. Here we go. The military-civilian crony capitalism regime of Egypt didn’t go away when Mubarak resigned. If these protests move to seek removal … Continue reading

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Things You Might Find Interesting

This ain’t your grandma’s legging fashion Occupy protests are getting rougher, but only after municipal governments denied them their right to peacefully assemble, and attacked them Terrifying single mindedness  Obama has prosecuted fewer financial crimes than his last three predecessors … Continue reading

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British Government To Admit Economy Too Awful to Reach Deficit Reduction Target

Because of the slow economy, Prime Minister Cameron will announce that Britain will not be able to reduce its structural deficit at target. I don’t know how many times Paul Krugman and co. can be right about their predictions, and … Continue reading

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Veterans Always Get the Best of Socialism, Health Care Edition

That the US military is prone to conservatism has always tickled my sense of irony. The US military is the largest bureaucracy in the country, and probably the largest single bureaucratic agency on the planet. The government pays its workers … Continue reading

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Rick Perry – the Only Honest No-Nothing of the Bunch

Oops indeed. But at least he admits he doesn’t have any idea what he’s saying. Now, let’s roll a list of Rick Perry endorsements: Steve Forbes Bobby Jindal Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Such careful men.

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Things That You Might Find Interesting

A banker can’t get it done, you say? China needs oil, Iran has it. US sanctions don’t matter Ooh, more pro-Romney fluff from the Republican establishment If you use/like the archetypal monomyth in stories, you are a progressive Computer management … Continue reading

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My Penis Is Too Big To Fail

Goddamn, it works. It all works so well. I’m sure psycopath traders has used this line to great success in early morning Manhattan. SMBC

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