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Most Everybody’s a Keynesian

Faced with this prospect (triggered defense cuts), Republicans — who normally insist that the government can’t create jobs, and who have argued that lower, not higher, federal spending is the key to recovery — have rushed to oppose any cuts … Continue reading

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$20.2 Billion/Year for Air Conditioning in Iraq and Afghanistan, But Poor US Kids Get Less Food Aid

When the US spends $20.2 billion a year on a convenience for troops at military bases in the far flung corners of the world but Republicans cut $868 million or 13% of the entire program from food supplement programs from … Continue reading

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Unfortunate Fact of the Day: Defense Spending Next Year is $1 Trillion Dollars, Twice As Much As in the Cold War

Adjusting for inflation, the US annually funded the entire Cold War at about half the  expenditure. Stew on that, let it ripen. Our defense spending is insane.

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