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Now that Eyjafjallajökull is calming down what is left to report onefrom Europe? I have an idea, let’s start panicking over another volcano! Katla is a volcano that sits close to Eyjafjallajökull. Historically, it’s eruptons have been larger than Eyjafjallajökull’s, but thankfully … Continue reading

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I posted a while ago about my thought on life in the universe. In it I gave some candidates for finding life in our own solar system (other than here on Earth). I left one out: Europa. It has been … Continue reading

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Lazy Friday Reblog Quote of the Day

“If taxes are to be reduced, there must be corresponding reductions on the expenditure side…. We cannot reduce taxes and increase spending…. That would be robbing Peter to pay Paul.” Richard Nixon, December 30, 1969. From Capital Gains and Games. Republicans … Continue reading

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CNN Contributor Redeems CNN!

If you follow this blog, and there seems to be a growing number, you know I despise CNN’s coverage as lazy and far too deep in the info-business. Where’s the solid journalism coverage like in the first Gulf War? Dead … Continue reading

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Republicans Discover Internet, and We Thank Them

Because the result is funny as hell! Say hello to America Speaking Out. This is where you can make suggestions and vote them up or down. There are several categories, such as “American Values,” “National Security,” and an “Open Mic” … Continue reading

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A Good Comic

It’s educational and informative, and tells the story much better than I did. Click to read more.

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Another Blow to the Anti-Vax Movement

You know what feels good? Being part of the establishment. I get monthly checks for writing some of this stuff about alt-med and how vaccines are safe. Oh wait. There is no establishment, and I don’t get a monthly check. … Continue reading

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DC Skeptics Did Not Like Lost’s Alternative Universe/Purgatory; Series Awesome Regardless

From what we can tell, the criticisms on Lost run in three themes: Plot mysteries weren’t explained. Lost collapsed into a religious afterlife scenario. The Lost storyline was contradictory. We are huge Lost fans. As such, we have no problem … Continue reading

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Best Comment Ever Read

so evolution of a species due to climate change (through natural cross-breading)….hmm. The religious republicans should have their minds blown twice over. Gawker. Light grammar problems aside (and I’m positive there are Democrats equally willfully ignorant), for every 100 comments … Continue reading

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Supplement for Regulation

When most people think of “natural medicine” or “alternative medicine” they think of a small, mostly harmless industry, often beaten down by “Big Pharma”. “Natural” does not mean better. Neither does organic, but that is another post. The alternative medicine (also known as … Continue reading

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