Fellow Americans, we are besieged by bullshit. There is a lot of it out there. There are a lot of people who want you to believe this nonsense too. We are constantly surrounded by hyped up ideas and products. Well-researched evidence is overshadowed by anecdotal stories and rhetoric that no longer make even an attempt at presenting reality. The American public space of ideas is now a marketplace, and as a nation we’re the worse for it. Witness mainstream media. Is there anything else more depressing than trying to get a cogent argument out of any media corporation, especially cable news? Only if it’s having to listen to peddlers claim their views as science, when they have absolutely no respect for the scientific method. Like creationism or homeopathy. Scary stuff folks. Well your editors are tired of going with it. As Patrick Henry once said “Give me a rational and rigorous defense or give me death” or would have said, if American discourse had sucked as much then as it does now.

All too often, and especially here in Washington, folks pick a position that benefit them and then cherry pick evidence to support it. Well we can’t demand others to change unless we demand it of ourselves too. It is something we must do to advance ourselves, socially, intellectually, to make the world a better place for everyone. Enter our project, the DC Skeptic. We promise to provide exhausting research to all of our articles. We also promise that if research and arguments can be made that disprove or successfully challenge ours, you’ll know about it. You will literally be drowned with supporting research! Are we selling this well?

Let’s use our minds and challenge assumptions; call out the bullshit class of politicians, media denizens, insidious anti-science promoters, corrupt capitalists; and generally be a pain to the establishment by demanding evidence. We hope to make a difference, however small, through this blog. We will use reason and evidence to analyze various topics, be it current affairs, conspiracy theories, health, and science in general, and we encourage you to do the same. We will do our best to cite proper sources and call out ourselves when we mess up. We are not doctors or scientists, just two people who are trying to filter out the noise and analyze the reality for the truth. Because it’s there.

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