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Sometimes People Just Have It Right

Wow, we haven’t posted in a while. That’s because it’s now George’s turn to travel the charming, but politically insane Middle East. Yes, your editors are very worldly, etc, except when they plan to spend all weekend playing Starcraft II … Continue reading

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What’s This Now?

So when Republicans and fiscally conservative Democrats say the primary concern of small business are Obama’s spending policies and taxes, there’s a chance that this actually is NOT the case? How big is the possibility? A MAJORITY OF SMALL BUSINESSES … Continue reading

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NASA Budget

The Senate committee recently passed NASA’s new budget, and another version was just passed in the House committee. It’s not the Obama  plan and it’s not what we have now. It’s a mix of old and new and newer. Let’s … Continue reading

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Some Things to Read

Mostly because I don’t have time right now to come up with anything original. Read this stuff instead: The China Study: Fact or Fallacy: “It’s no surprise “The China Study” has been so widely embraced within the vegan and vegetarian community: … Continue reading

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Anti-Vaccination Smackdown!

The anti vaccine group known as the AVN (I always think of them of the Anti-Vaccination Network, but it actually stands for the Australian Vaccination Network) has just been accused by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) of misleading parents. Not surprising, considering … Continue reading

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Monkey Terrorists Are Real

Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? The Taliban are buying orphan monkey babies and training them to fire guns. This is not a joke, it is so much better! The US military confirms their existence. This brings four questions to mind: The Taliban have the … Continue reading

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How Supply-Siders Get Revenues Wrong

I’m back from work travel; you know, saving princesses from evil warlocks on a flying carpet with the help of a comedian genie, etc. A common claim by supply-side economics proponents is that tax cuts pay for themselves, that there’s … Continue reading

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Ways to Save Time

Let me tell you a story. I woke up yesterday after a night out, so no matter how much sleep I got I was bound to wake up in a slight haze. I also had plans to head to a … Continue reading

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OK, fine, I’ll post something!

I’ve been really busy recently. Too busy to blog at least. I decided I needed some quick blog fodder, so I headed to Fox News. 30 seconds later I found something. I’m sure most of you have heard of Paul, the … Continue reading

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Unemployment Insurance Claims Still Very High, with No Current Government Response

These figures are off the government’s press releases on citizens filing for unemployment claims. Here, the politics are out of balance with economic reality. The Congress, specifically the Senate, is blocking any further assistance to the unemployed (the House just … Continue reading

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