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“People Should Die Earlier With Grace” – I’ve Been Waiting For This Argument

David Brooks is just saying health care costs are rising because people aren’t sucking it up and dying when it’s their time. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/15/opinion/15brooks.html But hey, he’s not recommending any solution that can be inferred with believing this statement… If the … Continue reading

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Health Is Always Your Individual Choice – Until It’s Not

Andrew Sullivan gives his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act and Ryan’s block grant health care proposal, via Ezra Klein. …At the same time, as a matter of economics and mathematics, we also know at the back of our minds … Continue reading

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That This Makes Sense Shows How Screwed Up Our Health Care System Is

Several leading insurers, including WellPoint, Aetna and Cigna, have also objected to new rules requiring them to cover even those children who are seriously ill, warning that they will stop selling new policies in some states because the rules do … Continue reading

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Another Vaccine Study

Hello everyone. You guys smell that? It’s my dead horse, you know, the one I’ve been beating since Austin and I started this blog. Well, I ain’t done beating it. I’m not going to spend a lot of time writing … Continue reading

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Rocks for Brains

I sometimes use the phrase “the worst thing ever” to describe things, and most of the time it is just hyperbole. Not this time. This might actually be the worst thing ever. It’s called Miracle Mineral (MMS). Let’s look at what … Continue reading

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Chain of Protection

Chain of Protection – Australian website, good educational videos, like this one:  How Infectious Diseases Transmit from Chain of Protection on Vimeo. EDIT: WordPress hates me today, can’t embed the video, just click on the link.

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Anti-Vaccination Smackdown!

The anti vaccine group known as the AVN (I always think of them of the Anti-Vaccination Network, but it actually stands for the Australian Vaccination Network) has just been accused by the NSW Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) of misleading parents. Not surprising, considering … Continue reading

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Cool Study on Pain Relief…Oh Crap here Come the Alt-Meders

Over the weekend a new study was released. The study demonstrates a really cool effect involving the body’s natural pain relief mechanisms. Here is a summary taken from the Science based Medicine blog with a bunch of technical terms to confuse … Continue reading

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Health Care Rumors: Congress’ Coverage

I don’t know why Congress didn’t talk up Section 1312, Section D of the new health care bill as much, because it’s pretty significant; it places members of Congress, congressional staff, and all of their families on the new health … Continue reading

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Scoring the Health Care Bill

I’ve had to correct a lot of this post, twice now, because I’ve read some more about it, and I’ve changed my mind. It happens, when you think about things. It also helps to read all the sources you normally … Continue reading

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