Ways to Save Time

Let me tell you a story.

I woke up yesterday after a night out, so no matter how much sleep I got I was bound to wake up in a slight haze. I also had plans to head to a bar and watch the World Cup Final, and I needed to get there early to make sure I had a table. In my morning haze, I looked at my phone, which also serves as my main clock, and checked the time. It was 11:40something. I get out out bed and wander over to my computer, quickly glancing at a clock I have hung on my wall, one that had hands on it. This clock is not connected to the internet. This is important because on the two days a year that we have to change our clocks, this is the one clock that requires me to physically change the time.

When I look at the clock on my wall, the time appears to be an hour ahead of what my phone said. Without pausing I assumes that it must be daylight savings time and move on with my day. I didn’t bother to reset my clock because I had my day to get to.

On my way to the bar I remember thinking “I’m happy that my phone resets the time automatically, otherwise I might have missed the beginning of the game or not gotten a seat.”

I watch the game, which was painfully boring by the end, and head home. Somewhere on the walk back I almost bring up the time change to my roommate, but decide not to because who wants to talk about daylight savings time?

Once more that evening, before I fall asleep I think to myself “my body thinks its an hour later, that’s why I’m tired now,” and then I drift off to sleep land.

I wake up this morning for work. My alarm goes off, I slowly roll out of bed, and head over to my computer to see what’s on the internet. I glance at the clock on the wall. and decide to reset it. My brain stops. Processing…processing…processing…wait…

Something wasn’t right. It had the right time. I know that I did not reset it yesterday. I think and slowly, and I mean very slowly, realize that yesterday was not daylight savings time. That occurs in March and November. It is July.

I begin to laugh.

This brings me to a lesson. I, without thinking twice about it, convinced myself that it was time to change the clocks. A quick glance at a clock was all it took. I just read it wrong. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary at the time.

While this is only one case, It is a perfect example of how easy the human brain can be fooled. What does this say about the trustworthiness of personal stories of alien abductions, big foot sightings, and other paranormal phenomenon.

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