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WSJ Makes Shit Up and Unsurprisingly Sticks With Sympathetic Media Outlets

Man, hear the echo chamber roar. It seems like articles that promote accuracy don’t get much traction, maybe they’re too complicated for pithy two paragraph zingers (guilty of this), but shit-flinging ones do. I’ll try and find a study, maybe … Continue reading

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You Can Take Entire Paragraphs David Brooks Wrote and Easily Prove Them Wrong: May 24 2011

Simple Google searches would greatly improve Mr. Brooks’ columns. “The United Kingdom seems to be in the middle of that sort of constructive quarrel now. Usually when I travel from Washington to Britain I move from less gloom to more … Continue reading

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Frigorific – It’s A Word

No, it’s not a lazily combined description for a terrific fridge, but terrific fridges are frigorific. It means “causing cold, or chill.” Its first recorded use was in 1667. This makes it a legitimate fancy word. Yes, I do a … Continue reading

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A Possible Lesson on the Efficacy of Foreign Aid in Promoting Security

“U.S. aid to Pakistan is not a reward for good behavior,” says Nancy [Birdsall]. “We have to think about aid as an investment in the future of U.S. security. If you keep in mind the proposed $1.5 billion a year … Continue reading

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Accusation of Rape < VIP Treatment

What I do know is that nothing in the world can justify a man being thus thrown to the dogs. (Bernard-Henri Levy – Daily Beast) French “philosopher” Bernard-Henri Levy on how US treatment of accused rapist Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) cannot … Continue reading

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I Still Cannot Believe Zionists Committed Ethnic Cleansing in 1948

Only 3 years after Hitler made a good run of wiping out all European Jews. Since Palestinians weren’t all exterminated like vermin in the numbers Jews were just 1,000 days before, it doesn’t resonate with a sense of injustice like … Continue reading

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Did I get 40K Worth of Skills Out of Undergrad? Nuh uh

Kids, don’t get suckered into liberal arts degrees. You can read The Economist and literature for very little money in your free time. That is all.

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John Boehner is Dr. Evil

“Ok, then we hold the Democrats ransom for…2 trillion dollars!” Laying down a marker on the eve of new budget negotiations, the Ohio Republican also said he wanted the amount of the cuts to exceed any increase in the nation’s … Continue reading

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More Reasons Everyone Should Be Reading Juan Cole’s Informed Comment

I learn something from every post and the perspectives he offers readers are pretty unique. Read it. Reblog! Informed Comment I ask myself why. Some Pakistanis are complaining about the violation of their country’s sovereignty during the Navy SEALs’ raid … Continue reading

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You Know Who Else Died on May 1st

Hitler. Yup.

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