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Weeee! I Loved the 90s

“Foamed polystyrene” is a miraculous invention that manages to be completely awful through every step of its near-eternal “life cycle” — it is manufactured with petroleum that must be imported from Middle East dictatorships, toxic “styrene oligomers” migrate into the … Continue reading

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Kathryn Lopez on Why Planned Parenthood Should Be Defunded (Hint: It’s Gross, and Religious!)

Oh it’s because contraceptives get women pregnant and is inhumane, and here Lopez goes and totally skips the abortion reason, because there’s a deeper, more penetrating issue, that only the pure mind of Kathryn Lopez has grasped. Perhaps nothing better … Continue reading

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Semi-Weekly Friday Quote of the Day – Targeting Libertarians!

“Human beings are not “individuals” to begin with; a large majority of them are not even legally competent to contract.  The values of life are not, in the main, reducible to satisfactions obtained from the consumption of exchangeable goods and … Continue reading

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For-Profit Colleges Are Ineffective But Republicans Want to Keep Feeding Them Federal Money Anyway

Only 10% of post-secondary students attend for-profit colleges, but they account for 44% of student loan defaults. The Obama administration passed regulations to restrict federal funding to these colleges, because you know, they’re clearly not very effective at finding “gainful … Continue reading

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Time To Get Some Perspective Richard Cohen

In New York City, the No. 2 guy in the fire department retired on a pension worth $242,000 a year. In New York State, a single official holding two jobs and one pension took in $641,000. A lieutenant with the … Continue reading

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The Gun Passed Through Security Every Time She Tried? More Than Once? What?

The source said the undercover agent carried a pistol in her undergarments when she put the body scanners to the test. The officer successfully made it through the airport’s body scanners every time she tried, the source said. NBC Granted … Continue reading

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President Reagan Was A Tax Increaser

He cut taxes when the economy was bad and raised them when it was better, to keep budget deficits from exploding. Modern conservatives who foam at the mouth over tax increases should remember that. Legislation Billions of Dollars Tax Equity … Continue reading

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Cheese Head Bullshit: The Wisconsin Union Kerfluffle

By now you should know the setting. The last governor handed Governor Walker a small deficit that Walker made huge by cutting taxes by billions in an effort to attract businesses (seemingly ignoring that businesses also take into consideration infrastructure, … Continue reading

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Following his discovery, Priebus directed RNC staffers to inform top Republicans of the error and explain that it was Eisenhower, not Reagan, who carefully managed the nation’s prosperity, warned citizens of the military-industrial complex’s growing influence, and led the country … Continue reading

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If You Learn One Thing Today, Make It This

In 1963, non-defense discretionary spending was 3.6% of GDP. In 2008 it was…3.6% of GDP. The Economist Non-defense discretionary spending has been historically even to GDP. It is not a cause of America’s deficits, yet it is the only thing … Continue reading

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