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The Frightening American Political Economy

9.2% unemployment is a scary percentage so far out of the recession. Adding this chart makes the American economic moment pretty frightening. Yet we reach The Exorcist level, shit my pants grade when I read comments like this: “As catastrophic … Continue reading

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The Proof is in the Placenta!

Unless Obama’s mummified umbilical cord can be found wrapped around a 1961 USDA certified Hawaiian pineapple and an American flag, I don’t see any proof that can’t be forged. Obama’s birth certificate was signed in pen! In different places! Coincidence?

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Judges Have to Be Neutral?

Prop 8 proponents are very upset that Judge Vaughn Walker, who ruled Prop 8 (outlawing same sex marriage) was unconstitutional, has revealed himself to be in a committed long-term same-sex relationship. They think he should have excused himself from the … Continue reading

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CNN Asks the Big Questions, Quickly

4% of respondents said yes. 4% of respondents are very lonely. Related poll questions that didn’t make it out of the edit room: Ranging from Very Low Influence to Very High Influence or N/A, will the royal wedding location influence … Continue reading

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Geoffrey Mutai Should Have the World Record in the Marathon

Geoffrey Mutai of Kenya won the Boston Marathon on Monday and crushed the world record. (I also ran in it – 49 minutes slower – oofa). But the IAAF won’t recognize it because on the aggregate the course is downhill … Continue reading

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The Problem With Excluding Defense Spending From Cuts During Wartime Is…

You are still spending money on wars which costs money! The Republican-approved budget deal actually increases this year’s budget by $3.3 billion relative to current outlay levels from the previous year. For this year remaining: “About $8 billion in immediate … Continue reading

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Health Is Always Your Individual Choice – Until It’s Not

Andrew Sullivan gives his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act and Ryan’s block grant health care proposal, via Ezra Klein. …At the same time, as a matter of economics and mathematics, we also know at the back of our minds … Continue reading

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I Hope That Donald Trump Does Run For President

Not because it will raise the level of debate or add strength to the Republican field (oh ho I am funny) but because we can have comments like this below every day! At least it will make the painful 1.5 … Continue reading

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Pioneer Anomaly Solved?

Source arXiv Link Today (April fools Day) is a tough day on the internet. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake sometimes. That is why I first thought this was fake. But it was published on March 27th, so … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

I kind of like this guy. Also, hi. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Time to bring back the science.

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