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Methinks The Economist Has a Narrow Cultural Readership

“North Carolina barbecue at its best is as austere and perfect as a bowl of properly cooked Japanese rice.” The Economist, December 18th 2010 pg. 53 Sounds properly multicultural and delicious – I guess

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Here are some random thoughts on stuff

Sorry for not posting recently due to a combination of nothing substantial to talk about, laziness, and being busy. I have thought about some things in the last week or two, but not throughly enough to write a post about … Continue reading

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I found him, the dumbest person alive.

And he is a politician. I know, shocking. Go ahead and read this: Brecheen discusses evolution and Darwinian Theory. Its a fine collection of bad arguments and logical fallacies. Here is my favourite part: Even the difference among lions, tigers and cougars … Continue reading

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Something Like That

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Even One Incident Like This is a Disgrace

Near Halloween 2008, work crews (from a Bank of America foreclosure team) broke in and cleaned out the place, taking Persian rugs, china, furniture bought on a trip in Peru, skis, photos of her marriage and childhood in Iran. Her … Continue reading

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Evidence: 8-0. Slavery Was the Reason for South Carolina’s Secession

The upcoming year of 2011 marks the 150th anniversary of the beginning of the US Civil War. An analysis on the origins of South Carolina’s secession from the Union in 1860, namely that slavery was the only reason for it, … Continue reading

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Heh, Lazy Weekend Quote! With Reminiscing! And Tax Cut Perceptions

I mean, supply-side economics should have been killed by the Clinton years: he raised taxes on the rich, everyone on the right predicted catastrophe, and what followed was 8 years of rapid growth and surging revenues, with the budget actually … Continue reading

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More on Republicans Voting Down Health Benefits to 9/11 Responders

From Juan Cole: The Republican Party has since September 11, 2001, been absolutely insufferable in invoking those attacks at every possible moment for every possible reason, and in trying to portray themselves as better than other people precisely because they … Continue reading

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Financial Fantasies: Republicans on the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission Ignore Reality

There’s been a lot of buzz about this, how the four Republicans on the commission charged with reporting on the causes of the financial crisis (Douglas Holtz-Eakin, Peter J. Wallison, Bill Thomas, and Keith Hennessey) have changed the facts to … Continue reading

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Sarah Palin and Kate Gosselin Destroying Their Families in A TV Episode Together! This is probably the saddest thing on TV I’d never watch.  

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