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Friedman Manages to Forget Why We Went to War in Iraq

The Iraq War was the single largest mistake America has ever made. This is not hyperbole. Iraq had no WMDs and they were not harboring al Qaeda. Saddam Hussein was no threat to the citizens of the United States, nor … Continue reading

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Come and Get Your Free Shit from Homeland Security

Come get your free shit Free random bits of crap will help keep you safe. We spend $75 billion a year on stupid shit, like giving DreamWorks an armored vehicle to protect its facility (I guess against a jihadist assault … Continue reading

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How Many More No. 2’s Can There Be?

We got Al-Qaeda’s no. 2! Now all we have to do is go get the new one. One more leader and I’m sure we’ll win. This one is extra significant you guys, much more significant than the others since 2002. … Continue reading

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I Really Can’t Help But Compare Bush and Obama on Osama

Excuse the terrible rhyme, I can’t help myself. Compare: In June 2009, Obama directed his CIA director to “provide me within 30 days a detailed operation plan for locating and bringing to justice” Osama Bin Laden. By August 2010 intelligence … Continue reading

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The Gun Passed Through Security Every Time She Tried? More Than Once? What?

The source said the undercover agent carried a pistol in her undergarments when she put the body scanners to the test. The officer successfully made it through the airport’s body scanners every time she tried, the source said. NBC Granted … Continue reading

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If an Earnest Follower Believed the Words and Symbols of Their Leaders, What Would Eventually Happen?

And guess what, it finally happened. Read the advice of conservative leaders below. If you were a conservative who believed in the words your leaders spoke to you, what would you do? Here are just a few of the famous … Continue reading

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I found him, the dumbest person alive.

And he is a politician. I know, shocking. Go ahead and read this: Brecheen discusses evolution and Darwinian Theory. Its a¬†fine collection of bad arguments¬†and logical fallacies. Here is my favourite part: Even the difference among lions, tigers and cougars … Continue reading

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Soldiers Allegedly Evil, America’s Newspapers Probably Awful

Twelve US soldiers have been charged by the US military with forming a ‘kill team’ that murdered Afghan civilians for fun, performed cover-ups of the massacres, and sometimes collected body parts. There is strong evidence, including testimonies by peers and … Continue reading

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These People Are All Disgusting

He’s an average Christian black guy wearing a white Under Armor cap! Telling the only black guy to leave so your attendees don’t hurt him isn’t keeping it not about race. And are those cops telling the man to leave? … Continue reading

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Who to Believe?: Is There Progress in Afghanistan?

On Meet the Press this weekend, General David Petraeus described the Afghanistan strategy as the following: “Oil spot is a term in counterinsurgency literature that denotes a peaceful area, a secure area,” Petraeus said in the interview conducted last week. … Continue reading

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