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Tea Party, You’re Just Supposed to Hint at the Second Amendment, Not Come Out and Straight Up Say You’ll Shoot People

When the subject of a Tea Party email is WAR and the heading asks “What if we Fail?”, it brings the reader to the conclusion that the Tea Party intends to violently rebel if they lose in November. The democratic … Continue reading

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Brad DeLong Explains How Cylical Unemployment and Structural Unemployment Differ

Disclaimer: I got this one wrong! Really wrong! My bad. DeLong does not claim that our economy is experiencing structural unemployment. In fact, he argues the opposite, a lot. I made this a while back, and just messed up. I … Continue reading

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These People Are All Disgusting

He’s an average Christian black guy wearing a white Under Armor cap! Telling the only black guy to leave so your attendees don’t hurt him isn’t keeping it not about race. And are those cops telling the man to leave? … Continue reading

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The Tea Partition

George is on vacation this week, but he’s forwarded me two things so far. The first was an incoherent babble of alt-med commentary, which I assume he wrote after his 8th beer on the beach, where he ranted to his … Continue reading

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The Mosque in New York: Build It. This is America!

It is my belief that there are “absolutes” in our Bill of Rights, and that they were put there on purpose by men who knew what words meant, and meant their prohibitions to be “absolutes.” Supreme Court Associate Justice Hugo Black … Continue reading

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On Skepticism

Phil Plait (Bad Astronomy) gave a talk at TAM 8 in this year. It was not about space or science. It was about the tone of the skeptical movement. It’s known as the “Don’t Be a Dick” talk. Click on that … Continue reading

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Careful New York Times…

I normally avoid the health section of major media outlets. Half the time it’s sensationalist medical nonsense, the other half its woo-filled nonsense.  But, I found myself browsing the health section in the NY Times today and I found two articles that caught … Continue reading

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Words Hurt

From our friends at Conservapedia: Conservapedia exclusive: this Thursday liberals will likely give the coveted Fields Medal — math’s highest honor — to an underachieving woman and to a communist-trained mathematician from Vietnam. Is the lamestream media holding back stories … Continue reading

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Translating Racist Old White Ladies

In announcing her decision “not to do radio anymore” after being in the business for more than 30 years, Schlessinger said, “I want to be able to say what’s on my mind and in my heart and what I think … Continue reading

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Weee! Elves

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