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Questions from the Past Week

Nothing has happened in DC for the past 3 weeks, and then I go on vacation and everything happens at once. Yikes! So much happened that we should be asking ourselves lots of questions. These are the questions I’ll be … Continue reading

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This will be a slow week. Please enjoy this video of monkeys riding dogs herding sheep:

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Bit of a Numbers Problem for the Senate

If only 41,000 private sector jobs were created last month, how are the 1.2 million people about to be kicked off of unemployment benefits to find jobs? The Senate yesterday voted down extending unemployment benefits 45-52, because they are responsible … Continue reading

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Anti-Vuvuzela Filter? I Don’t Think So.

Finally! A topic to cover that I’m actually an expert in, sound! Apparently there is a problem at the World Cup. Or, many problems. Many loud obnoxious problems with a funny name: vuvuzelas. Apparently they are so loud they are distracting both … Continue reading

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Fox News Almost Writes a Good Science Article

Almost. Solar flares can (and do) pose a risk to the power grid, but this article still has the  Fox News “OMG PANIC!” feel to it that we know and love. The earth has been hit by these massive magnetic storms … Continue reading

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Hurray! David Brooks’ Rampage On Facts Continues

I’m reblogging the whole post. I read Brooks’ Tuesday article and didn’t catch this; I’m ashamed, so I’ll reblog Who is IOZ‘s whole article. And yes, David Brooks should get the most Media Fail posts, because he is almost never … Continue reading

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Prince Charles Takes Up Diving; Goes Off the Deep End

It’s not the first time either. From the Times UK: The Prince pinned part of the blame on Galileo. Criticizing the profit imperative behind much scientific research, he said: “This imbalance, where mechanistic thinking is so predominant, goes back at … Continue reading

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NYT’s Brooks Gets Things Hopelessly Wrong…Again

I’m late to this, but I’ve been busy. It’s bad enough to address anyway. Why are Very Respected Opinion pieces allowed, if the opinions aren’t vetted for rigor? From Mr. Brook’s NYT Op-Ed Prune and Grow I posit a question. … Continue reading

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Chain Email: Benzene and Cars

You know what I find to be the source of much entertainment? Chain Emails. A co-worker just forwarded one to me. Being a (DC) Skeptic, I decided to look into the claims made my this Email: IMPORTANT – MUST READ Any … Continue reading

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There is something fishey about this oil….

We all know it. Fish oil is good for you, right? Right? It amazes me how many things we assume are true even thought there is little or no evidence behind these claims. It’s just common knowledge that fish oil is good for you. … Continue reading

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