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Why the UC Students Are Protesting

Mother Jones via Balloon Juice: Six years ago, tuition at the University of California was $5,357. Now $12,192. Slated for $22,068 by 2015. If the tuition increase rises as projected, in ten years, the price of a public education in … Continue reading

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Things That You Might Find Interesting

A banker can’t get it done, you say? China needs oil, Iran has it. US sanctions don’t matter Ooh, more pro-Romney fluff from the Republican establishment If you use/like the archetypal monomyth in stories, you are a progressive Computer management … Continue reading

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But What Happens to Housing Markets When the Unemployment Rate Doesn’t Drop?

If 9% of the workforce is out of work with an underemployment rate (rate of part-time workers seeking full time employment plus the unemployment rate) of 18.9%, how can you reasonably expect a recovery in the housing market if a … Continue reading

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Unemployment Insurance Claims Still Very High, with No Current Government Response

These figures are off the government’s press releases on citizens filing for unemployment claims. Here, the politics are out of balance with economic reality. The Congress, specifically the Senate, is blocking any further assistance to the unemployed (the House just … Continue reading

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Bit of a Numbers Problem for the Senate

If only 41,000 private sector jobs were created last month, how are the 1.2 million people about to be kicked off of unemployment benefits to find jobs? The Senate yesterday voted down extending unemployment benefits 45-52, because they are responsible … Continue reading

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