Bit of a Numbers Problem for the Senate

If only 41,000 private sector jobs were created last month, how are the 1.2 million people about to be kicked off of unemployment benefits to find jobs?

The Senate yesterday voted down extending unemployment benefits 45-52, because they are responsible and understanding patricians governing us slovenly and lazy plebes.

“We have 99 weeks of unemployment insurance,” Feinstein said. “The question comes, how long do you continue before people just don’t want to go back to work at all?”

Feinstein ended up voting for the measure, but her sound bite is reflective of the Nay votes.  Well Senator, judging from the gap in job creation and unemployment numbers, much longer than anyone would like. Thanks World’s Greatest Deliberative Body. I will try not to conjecture too much, but I’d wager unemployment benefits help pay rent and food, money that – you know – actually goes back into the economy pretty quickly, rather than crack-cocaine, or hookers, or campaign donations. I’ll leave you with this picture of an oil wave off Alabama, because it’s also terrible and also caused by bad governance. USA! USA!

Also, we cannot find policies to stem unemployment, just like we can't find a solution to the broken oil pipe. Hooray American Decline!

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