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The Stimulus Should Have Been Longer and Stronger

But every reasonable person knows this by now. On the role of government intervention in the Great Recession we’ve reached endgame. Everyone who can be shown what happened has accepted it, and everyone else throws poop and jumps up and … Continue reading

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Dunkin Donuts Goes Public Yo

Dunkin Donuts is by far the best donut/coffee shop. Its coffee is better than Starbucks and its donuts are are above industry standard. (Fact: If you like Tim Horton’s air-pumped sugar products, you have to expand your baking experiences.) And … Continue reading

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Tom – Democrats Do Support a “Real Plan”

Honestly folks, this isn’t “both sides can’t get their act together” on the debt ceiling crisis. Tom’s blabbering below is echoed by much of the Beltway bandits. Personally, I’ll support anyone with a real plan to cut spending, raise revenues … Continue reading

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Christians Shouldn’t Be Rich – If They Want to Get Into Heaven

So why is Rick Warren tweeting this nonsense?* I thought the rich removing themselves of their money freely for the good of their less fortunate brothers and sisters was the whole point of Christianity, and that wealth is a great … Continue reading

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Amen, Brother. Comment of the Month

I really feel like we live in an alternate universe. The last Democratic President turns out to have been Carter. The idea that one Democratic President took apart Glass-Steagall and the other is about to take apart Social Security and … Continue reading

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Dysfunction or Bad Faith in the White House

Just as Senate Democrats were sitting down Thursday to a scheduled meeting with White House budget director Jacob J. Lew, rumors of a new debt-limit deal between President Obama and House Speaker John A. Boehner (R-Ohio) flashed across their BlackBerrys.One … Continue reading

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Debt Ceiling Hullabaloo Musings

I believe that some way, somehow, a default will not occur on August 2nd. I speculate Obama will take the constitutional option before he lets that happen. He seems to be alright with taking his authority beyond conventional interpretation with … Continue reading

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Holy Crap Guys! This Helps Explain Why This Congress Is One of the Least Productive Ever

Of course, this is a poll of general attitudes. But this is a useful indicator for reasons why Congress generally can’t get anything done in one of the least productive Congresses ever. And why the tax cut deal in 2010 … Continue reading

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Governor Perry and the Vienna Convention

On the evening of Thursday, July 7th, Texas executed Humberto Leal Garcia, a Mexican national convicted of a 1994 rape and murder. A background: This case blew up in terms diplomatic when it was revealed after his conviction that he … Continue reading

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The Murdoch Spring Read it. The hacking is bad, but just how long justifiable government investigations into the abuses of Murdoch’s employees was delayed and held off multiple times is frightening. It makes me think that size limits for corporations is a … Continue reading

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