Fox News Almost Writes a Good Science Article


Solar flares can (and do) pose a risk to the power grid, but this article still has the  Fox News “OMG PANIC!” feel to it that we know and love.

The earth has been hit by these massive magnetic storms before. Particles from solar storms can induce a current in electronic devices, frying their circuits. Many satellites are protected from these solar storms, and under normal circumstances, the Earth’s magnetic field protects us. Every once in a while a very strong storm will cause problems here on Earth. The last major one hit Canada in 1989. An even bigger one hit Earth in 1859, but luckily there weren’t a lot of electronics to damage then.

The best part about the Fox news article is the last line:

While predicting the odds of a nuclear HEMP attack from terrorist groups are less certain, most experts agree that another source of an EMP, the sun, is imminent, the show warns.

Um…what the hell does terrorism have to do with solar storms?

Fox News’ slogan: “Someone’s out to kill you.”

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