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What’s a Few Beers Among Banker Friends?

Senators Dodd and Gillibrand will be attending a Wall Street fundraiser/party on Monday. But wait? You may be asking yourself. Isn’t Senator Dodd in charge of the reforming the financial system that these people operate in? Yes. But if he’s … Continue reading

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Friday Quote of the Day

“World War II is always held up as an example of running the national debt over 100%, but no one remembers that we drove it down below 70% within 6 years by the end of the Truman Administration.” Citation The … Continue reading

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Life in the Universe and Everything

I was going to start this post with an Arthur C. Clarke quote but I found three I like: The fact that we have not yet found the slightest evidence for life — much less intelligence — beyond this Earth … Continue reading

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Earth-Shattering Boobage

Oh man, this actually happened!  Have you heard of Boobquake? It was a Facebook event on Monday in which women exposed their cleavage in response to an Iranian cleric, who stated that the string of global earthquakes has been caused … Continue reading

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The Real America Takes As Much As It Can In Fees and Perks – Charge Baby Charge!

Then Palin took the stage. “Thank you, tea-party America!” she yelled. “Do you love your freedom?” Palin primed the crowd. “My husband, Todd, is here … I was gonna ask Todd if I could borrow his sunglasses, but I’d have … Continue reading

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If Iceland is Too Cold for Volcanoes, then Rick Sanchez is too stupid for TV

Rick Sanchez: “You’d think it’d be too cold in Iceland to have volcanoes.” That’s the problem with the tropics, it’s so hot, they have, like, volcanoes EVERYWHERE. WHY HAS THE AMERICAN EDUCATION SYSTEM FAILED SO MANY JOURNALISTS? Back to high school … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Time for Lazy Reblog

Teabaggers who complain about Tax Day and high income tax levels don’t know anything about them. And it’s because they don’t care – it’s not the real reason their protesting anyway (there are black people in the White House)- and/or … Continue reading

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First, watch this (contains NSFW language):      Because I am feeling goofy, I think I will explain how the things in this song are not miracles. 

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Why Skepticism Should Be Practiced: Addressing A Recent Critique

Stanley Fish wrote an excellent article in a recent NYT on the limits of reason in fulfillment of man’s desire for spiritual significance. It is excellent because it is well-written and revealing, not that it is right. In the last … Continue reading

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