I found him, the dumbest person alive.

And he is a politician. I know, shocking.

Go ahead and read this: Brecheen discusses evolution and Darwinian Theory.

Its a fine collection of bad arguments and logical fallacies. Here is my favourite part:

Even the difference among lions, tigers and cougars could be attributed to species adaption and interbreeding if one so decried. Additionally, human differences seen notable in ethnicity proves that change among species is real but this is NOT evolution, its adaption.

My palm hit my face so hard my nose is bleeding. What the fuck is he trying to say here? Does he not understand that adaptation is part of evolution? That this is natural selection?

He even tells a “joke” young earth creationists like to tell:

I specifically remember asking how in 4,000 years of recorded history how we have yet to see the ongoing evidence of evolution (i.e. a monkey jumping out of a tree and putting on a business suit).


Doesn’t that sound a bit racist actually?

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3 Responses to I found him, the dumbest person alive.

  1. mcoville says:

    This has to be one of the dumbest posts I have ever read. You are evidence that evolution is tending toward a decay in intelligence in humans.

    Only a moron would use evidence of micro-evolution (adaptation) as evidence for macro-evolution (Darwinian evolution). And then you have the lack of self-respect to criticizes someone for not using your narrow lingo. You would make Dawkins proud.

    The de-education of the world at work.

    • Austin says:

      Is George micro-evolving then? George, you’re doing it wrong! You’re adapting the wrong way. You should tell God to stop that.

      Let’s get back to the knowledgeable days when touching a pig’s skin was sure damnation.

      On a serious note, mcoville, in your view how is adaptation separate from Darwinian evolution? What are some examples of the differences?

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