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Pioneer Anomaly Solved?

Source arXiv Link Today (April fools Day) is a tough day on the internet. It’s hard to tell what’s real and what’s fake sometimes. That is why I first thought this was fake. But it was published on March 27th, so … Continue reading

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I’m Back!

I kind of like this guy. Also, hi. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here. Time to bring back the science.

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Here are some random thoughts on stuff

Sorry for not posting recently due to a combination of nothing substantial to talk about, laziness, and being busy. I have thought about some things in the last week or two, but not throughly enough to write a post about … Continue reading

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I found him, the dumbest person alive.

And he is a politician. I know, shocking. Go ahead and read this: Brecheen discusses evolution and Darwinian Theory. Its a fine collection of bad arguments and logical fallacies. Here is my favourite part: Even the difference among lions, tigers and cougars … Continue reading

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I felt the need to post something

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SpaceX: Cheesy Jokes

I found out today that Dragon had a mystery super top secret payload. The payload has been reveled:   SpaceX has been my favourite company for a while now. But they just sent cheese into space. Big. Win. SpaceX: The anti-evil.

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My dear readers. We are faced with a great challenge. There are forces of evil in this world that would like nothing better than to see us descend into darkness and chaos. These forces are real, and they will not rest. … Continue reading

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What’s the harm?

Death. Death is the harm. Kim Tinkham could have been saved. But she choose to “treat” her brest cancer with quackery. I don’t write about this stuff to kill time. This stuff hurts (and sometimes kills) people. check out What’s … Continue reading

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Dragon is in Orbit!

Go SpaceX, Go! Here is a video. Dragon is scheduled for re-entry around 2pm. This could be a historic day for the commercial space industry. EDIT (2:40pm): Dragon has safely splashed down into the Pacific!

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I Smell Bloggin’ Fodder

Sniff…sniff….cn…sniffsniff…CNN!!! And Jackpot. 6 mysteries science can’t solve Lets take this one from the top. 1) Divine phenomena: Padre Pio’s stigmata Let’s see. No eye witnesses, no medical exam. Nothing but his word. I don’t buy it. Science can’t … Continue reading

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