I Smell Bloggin’ Fodder

Sniff…sniff….cn…sniffsniff…CNN!!! And Oprah.com. Jackpot.

6 mysteries science can’t solve

Lets take this one from the top.

1) Divine phenomena: Padre Pio’s stigmata

Let’s see. No eye witnesses, no medical exam. Nothing but his word. I don’t buy it. Science can’t solve this one because there is no evidence that it actually happened.

2) The Hindu milk miracle

Um. I think they answered their own question. “Scientists argue that “capillary action” could have caused the milk molecules to adhere to the statue’s surface, drawing the milk up.” My work here is done.

3) The survival of Baiturrahim Mosque

A big stone building survived a massive wall of water. A BIG STONE BUILDING. Science can easily solve this one by examining how it was constructed. My guess, it being a big stone building, and a place of worship that probably wouldn’t be built with cheap materials, it was constructed a little better than the surrounding buildings. It would take one engineer about 15 minutes to figure this one out.

4) [BIG QUESTIONS!!!!!] How did the universe begin?

It’s only in the past 80 years that experts have lined up behind the big bang theory, which took off after Edwin Hubble’s 1929 discovery that the billions of galaxies in the universe are not fixed in place but rather moving away from each other, presumably launched by the explosion of some very hot primordial atom.

More recently, astrophysicists including the great Stephen Hawking have suggested the possibility of a “big bounce,” during which the universe contracted to infinitesimal size before expanding again. Whether or not the physics will ever make sense to mere mortals, this much is certain: One of the best places to feel awed is the planetarium.

All hail the Great Stephen Hawking! Who has most recently been going a little crazy. I’m not sure why they brought him up, perhaps one of the few names in science people who read stuff like this will know? And do they have any idea how much we have discovered in the last 80 years? Much progress has been made in the fields of cosmology and quantum mechanics. Never say never, We have a good idea about what the big bang is. What they should have asked is what caused the big bang. Because the big bang created the universe.

5) Do aliens exist?

You’re fucking kidding me, right? They then go on and start proving themselves wrong again by showing how science can answer this question.

6) How many species live on Earth?

Actually, a good question. But their blurb was pretty stupid.

The Oprah media network truly excels at being stupid.

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