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Leaf Blower Wars: Why Rich People Are More Self Absorbed Than the Rest of Us Example 372

Rich people want higher quality leisure. They don’t care if you have to labor harder and longer in your own yard.

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UC Police Pepper Spraying Stuff

Oh this park is lovely on a Sunday. And my curiously pixelated parasol is exactly what I need to keep the sun out of my faceAAAUAUAAHAGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH. Happy Thanksgiving. is quite good for a meme.

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Things You Might Find Interesting

This ain’t your grandma’s legging fashion Occupy protests are getting rougher, but only after municipal governments denied them their right to peacefully assemble, and attacked them Terrifying single mindedness  Obama has prosecuted fewer financial crimes than his last three predecessors … Continue reading

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British Government To Admit Economy Too Awful to Reach Deficit Reduction Target

Because of the slow economy, Prime Minister Cameron will announce that Britain will not be able to reduce its structural deficit at target. I don’t know how many times Paul Krugman and co. can be right about their predictions, and … Continue reading

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Things That You Might Find Interesting

A banker can’t get it done, you say? China needs oil, Iran has it. US sanctions don’t matter Ooh, more pro-Romney fluff from the Republican establishment If you use/like the archetypal monomyth in stories, you are a progressive Computer management … Continue reading

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My Penis Is Too Big To Fail

Goddamn, it works. It all works so well. I’m sure psycopath traders has used this line to great success in early morning Manhattan. SMBC

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Debt Ceiling Hullabaloo Musings

I believe that some way, somehow, a default will not occur on August 2nd. I speculate Obama will take the constitutional option before he lets that happen. He seems to be alright with taking his authority beyond conventional interpretation with … Continue reading

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Road Trip Finding #1

Learned from a Moab, UT waitress: On July 1st, the state of Utah implemented a ban on alcoholic drink specials. What happened to cutting red tape of onerous government regulations? Won’t be posting much until next week, FYI. And clearly

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Growth Keeps Disappointing Because?

The central bank released new economic projections that showed weaker growth in both 2011 and 2012 than had been forecast just two months ago. Despite the slowdown, the Fed said it will end a program of buying vast sums of … Continue reading

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The Contradictory Switch From Budget Busting Tax Cuts to Spending Cuts to Save the Budget Still Boggles

Sometimes I think President Obama likes to have his cake and eat it too. When President Obama used Republican support to extend the Bush tax cuts for another two years back in December, it made sense if you understand and … Continue reading

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