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Republican Politicians Saying Stupid Things on Libya

And we let Juan Cole do the work: Michelle Bachmann, according to Think Progress, said “I have been very reluctant to see the United States to go into Libya. For one thing, we haven’t identified yet who the opposition even … Continue reading

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The Freedom to Be Locked in a Storage Closet – of the Press

Not looking for sympathy here, but the life of a political reporter isn’t all champagne and canapes. Consider our man Scott Powers, who was sent over to the Winter Park home of Alan Ginsburg this morning as the designated “pool … Continue reading

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Day 1 of NYT Paywall

I read just one article on the NYT’s site today, down from my standard hour of 20-30 articles. I’ve now switched to budgeting down to the most interesting article of the day that I can’t get elsewhere. Today’s was Paul … Continue reading

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Some People From 1780s Still Alive According to Arizona State Senate President Pearce

PEARCE: U.S. history, most of us weren’t around when the Constitution was written. But you remember we kind of existed before Congress, the states. We created the Congress, we created the federal government, by compact. Do you know what existed … Continue reading

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Partisan Silliness: Pretty Sure the Answer’s Both Guys

Anonymouses, come on. Both parties are totally screwing average Americans over for campaign donations from our corporate overlords. Don’t kid yourselves. This is on the comment field of The Hill, on a story where Donald Trump brags about screwing Qaddafi … Continue reading

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Moon Worship This Saturday!

Morning heathens! This Saturday, worship the awesome sight of the Moon in perigee! This is once in 20 year phenomenon folks! Preferably with minimal clothing and maximum debauchery, as the pagans would have wanted. Full moons look different because of … Continue reading

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‘The Ike Phase’ Is The Worst Op-Ed I Have Ever Read

Great googly moogly. I have never read a more ‘meh’ opinion piece than today’s David Brooks column. It is both incredibly boring and wildly inaccurate; something I thought only freshmen college papers could achieve. Brooks tries to claim that the … Continue reading

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Sometimes All It Takes Is One Quote

To know someone’s a monster and shouldn’t be listened to. “The human toll here (Japanese earthquake),” Larry Kudlow of CNBC said, “looks to be much worse than the economic toll and we can be grateful for that.” Events that don’t … Continue reading

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And Here I Thought Shitty Administrator Was the Right Answer

So bad math is associated with theological trickle down systems and not just trickle down economics? Huh.    

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Two Statements Written Today By Really Smart People That Disappoint

“There is no clamor among Democrats in Virginia to give collective-bargaining privileges to public workers,” Barro notes, “nor have Democrats in Washington, D.C., shown much interest in empowering federal workers’ unions. This is because Democratic officeholders, quite rationally, prefer to … Continue reading

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