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New York Times’ Recent Word Salads

Read more, think more, write less Continue reading

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Low Information Voters and Republican Support: This Isn’t Eisenhower’s Party Anymore

“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes … Continue reading

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The Tea Party Has Never Been Independent from the Republican Party

It’s just full of the baseline crazies of the Republican Party. A study tracked 3,000 Americans, aiming to compare the self-identified Tea Partiers from other American groups, starting from 2006 on. The results? Past affiliation with the Republican Party is … Continue reading

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The Proof is in the Placenta!

Unless Obama’s mummified umbilical cord can be found wrapped around a 1961 USDA certified Hawaiian pineapple and an American flag, I don’t see any proof that can’t be forged. Obama’s birth certificate was signed in pen! In different places! Coincidence?

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Some People From 1780s Still Alive According to Arizona State Senate President Pearce

PEARCE: U.S. history, most of us weren’t around when the Constitution was written. But you remember we kind of existed before Congress, the states. We created the Congress, we created the federal government, by compact. Do you know what existed … Continue reading

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Fake Outrage That Isn’t Accurate

One of NPR’s outgoing fundraising executives, Ronald Schiller, who was already scheduled to leave the company, was caught expressing a private opinion! Schiller believes, “taking his NPR hat off” that Tea Partiers are “seriously, seriously racist people.” Apparently, some people … Continue reading

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Trying to Rise Above Politics on the Tucson Shooting is Sick – Sorry Ezra Klein

Ezra Klein points out the obvious that Loughner wasn’t told to literally go out and kill Representative Giffords and tries to say there are differences in intent and craziness between political violence where a bodyguard shoots a governor 26 times … Continue reading

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If an Earnest Follower Believed the Words and Symbols of Their Leaders, What Would Eventually Happen?

And guess what, it finally happened. Read the advice of conservative leaders below. If you were a conservative who believed in the words your leaders spoke to you, what would you do? Here are just a few of the famous … Continue reading

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How Did the Congressional Republican Leadership Get My Email Address?

I’ve gotten several emails from and, which is weird as the Republican Leadership is the antithesis of this blog’s jive. I certainly don’t remember subscribing. My hypothesis: I did subscribe to the Tea Party Express, to keep track … Continue reading

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I Restored Honor With Glenn Beck All Around the Lincoln Memorial, and Later Around the Entire Mall

**Leaping Founding Father’s – I didn’t blog about the Glenn Beck rally, which I attended. So here it goes.** It wasn’t your young person’s rally. There were families, but a majority of the crowd were white, middle aged, overweight couples. … Continue reading

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