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A Friday LOL

Please, read the Wikipedia snippet.

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David Brooks Babbles More Word Vomit

I spit out my beverage at this point: Over the next two years, Obama will have to show that he is a traditionalist on social matters and a center-left pragmatist on political ones. Culturally, he will have to demonstrate that … Continue reading

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A Lesson in Irony Using Political Violence as an Example

Irony: Being tread on by a person wearing a “Don’t Tread on Me” button Multiple accounts confirm a left-leaning protester was curb stomped by Rand Paul supporters outside a Senate debate at the Kentucky Educational Television building in Lexington. The … Continue reading

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Read It And Weep

Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president. Oh My God He Said This To Republicans: Defeating Obama > creating employment opportunities Defeating Obama … Continue reading

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More Fish Oil

Back in june I posted a thing about fish oil. Read that post if you want, but it basically said that childrens’ cognitive development did not benefit from taking fish oil supplements. Today another study was released in the Journal … Continue reading

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Reading List

Due to lack of anything to write about, here are some books. I don’t have too much time to read these days; usually only 15 minutes every morning on the Metro. I do enjoy reading though, so I thought I’d put together … Continue reading

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Boy Scouts Try to Defend Bigotry With “It’s Tradition”

So much terribleness here. CNN: Boy Scouts tell gay leader to take a hike. “We do have a policy that avowed gays and atheists are not allowed to be a registered leader or member of Boy Scouts of America,” said … Continue reading

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xkcd wins. Again.

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Hypocrisy Watch: Politicians Trash Stimulus, Then Ask for Its Money

These people can go fuck themselves, but they should resign first. Haha, but that would require dignity. Both to not fuck themselves (they’ll do that anyway) and to resign. The Center for Public Integrity tracked which politicians requested stimulus money … Continue reading

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The Israeli Ambassador to the US is Full of Shit

Israeli Ambassador Michael B. Oren lobs such a pile of logical shit in today’s New York Times that it can’t go without comment. Affirmation of Israel’s Jewishness, however, is the very foundation of peace, its DNA. Just as Israel recognizes … Continue reading

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