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Tunisia Moderate Islam Party Ennahda: Probably Not That Different from the Republican Party

Just how Islamist will the likely dominant Tunisian party be? This question’s going to be asked a thousand hundred times (Tunisia probably won’t get that much coverage – we’ve got like 9 Republican candidates to lazily gossip about) in the … Continue reading

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Why the Charge “OWS Has No Clear Message” Is Wrong in One Photo

Update: This woman is a reporter and was fired from her job (big surprise, it was part-time) for expressing her political opinion outside of work. Political movements are about steering different interests, and not about getting everyone into one group … Continue reading

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Krugman Gets to the Heart of American Political Dysfunction

Why, then, does Wall Street expect anyone to take its whining seriously? That money manager claiming that finance is the only thing America does well also complained that New York’s two Democratic senators aren’t on his side, declaring that “They … Continue reading

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New York Times’ Recent Word Salads

Read more, think more, write less Continue reading

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How Many More No. 2’s Can There Be?

We got Al-Qaeda’s no. 2! Now all we have to do is go get the new one. One more leader and I’m sure we’ll win. This one is extra significant you guys, much more significant than the others since 2002. … Continue reading

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I Guess A Grand Bargain Is Not Possible

But I only realized it when Thomas Friedman tried to show just how possible it was in his fantasy writings on the op ed board of the world’s most respected daily newspaper. My favorite part: Everything will be on the … Continue reading

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Tom – Democrats Do Support a “Real Plan”

Honestly folks, this isn’t “both sides can’t get their act together” on the debt ceiling crisis. Tom’s blabbering below is echoed by much of the Beltway bandits. Personally, I’ll support anyone with a real plan to cut spending, raise revenues … Continue reading

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The Murdoch Spring Read it. The hacking is bad, but just how long justifiable government investigations into the abuses of Murdoch’s employees was delayed and held off multiple times is frightening. It makes me think that size limits for corporations is a … Continue reading

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“People Should Die Earlier With Grace” – I’ve Been Waiting For This Argument

David Brooks is just saying health care costs are rising because people aren’t sucking it up and dying when it’s their time. But hey, he’s not recommending any solution that can be inferred with believing this statement… If the … Continue reading

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Reality Undercuts Writers of the NYT Op-Ed Board Yet Again

Tom Friedman is at it again. “Both mainstream ideologies are wrong, but a few global entrepreneurs are leading the way nonpartisan way forward.” You know the drill. His latest article makes two points: Both mainstream approaches to economic growth, spending … Continue reading

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