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Friedman Manages to Forget Why We Went to War in Iraq

The Iraq War was the single largest mistake America has ever made. This is not hyperbole. Iraq had no WMDs and they were not harboring al Qaeda. Saddam Hussein was no threat to the citizens of the United States, nor … Continue reading

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Krugman Gets to the Heart of American Political Dysfunction

Why, then, does Wall Street expect anyone to take its whining seriously? That money manager claiming that finance is the only thing America does well also complained that New York’s two Democratic senators aren’t on his side, declaring that “They … Continue reading

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Health Care Reform Easily Fixed A Market Failure

Update: Should have titled this “Health Care Reform Easily Mitigated A Market Failure” Not every adult under 26 has employer-based health care and can afford their own plan. Before the health care reform bill, there were 10 million uninsured young … Continue reading

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Low Information Voters and Republican Support: This Isn’t Eisenhower’s Party Anymore

“Should any political party attempt to abolish social security, unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs, you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group, of course, that believes … Continue reading

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Where Is the Mortgage Bailout? If Only the Banks Needed It

It recently came to light that the Federal Reserve gave secret loans of more than $1.2 trillion to more than 300 financial institutions to keep them from collapse. Add on another $700 billion from TARP, and that was $2 trillion … Continue reading

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We Will Never Have Tax Revenue Increases or Clean Debt Ceiling Increases Again

Republicans will just filibuster, and wait until the debt ceiling has to be increased, and then they’ll cut some more. And more, and more. As Mitch McConnell has said, they’ve found a way around legislating. There’s no going back.

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The Utter Stupidity of This Budget Deal

We can all count the ways: government spending is the only positive factor to the economy right now, the cuts aren’t targeted to the least effective subsidies, there are no tax revenues in the deal, etc. Worst of all, we’ll … Continue reading

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Amen, Brother. Comment of the Month

I really feel like we live in an alternate universe. The last Democratic President turns out to have been Carter. The idea that one Democratic President took apart Glass-Steagall and the other is about to take apart Social Security and … Continue reading

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Do Nothing About the Budget!

EDIT: Yikes, read this wrong! Really wrong! I am ashamed. Italics are additions If Congress implements existing law, there is no budget crisis budget deficits will be much smaller than anticipated. The US budget will do a lot of the … Continue reading

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The Bottom 90% Have Little Stake Wall Street

As shown below, the Bottom 90% of the country (can you even believe we have to use the term the Bottom 90%) doesn’t own a large percentage of financial products, so gains on Wall Street do not directly benefit a … Continue reading

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