Five More Reasons the Modern Republican Party Deserves Annihilation

The Republicans just passed a terrible food and farm spending bill in committee. Yet another example of why the modern Republican Party deserves annihilation – I think that’s going to start being a regular feature. In one bill:

  • House Republicans cut international and domestic food aid by 13% or $868 million. The domestic aspects provide food aid for poor infants, children, and their mothers.
  • It also discourages local food promotion in schools (I think this is because agribusiness crops are far from population centers – this would lower rural states’ crop sales to populous urban centers)
  • It prevents USDA rules from making it easier for small ranchers to sue livestock companies in antitrust suits
  • Healthier school lunch rules are deemed too costly and the USDA must revise and resubmit to Congress.
  • Agribusiness subsidies remain untouched Washington Post.

It’s clear “We have to cut spending” in Republican-ese translates into: we’ll maintain every advantage for corporations, small businesses are not a priority, and children get fewer benefits and lower expectations, especially the poor ones.

Bring back the moderate Republicans please. Or even the “compassionate conservatives.” All we have now are sociopathic Galtians.

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