Do Nothing About the Budget!

EDIT: Yikes, read this wrong! Really wrong! I am ashamed. Italics are additions

If Congress implements existing law, there is no budget crisis budget deficits will be much smaller than anticipated. The US budget will do a lot of the heaving lifting to slow its growth if Congress follows the law as it exists, according to the CBO. We’ll be in better shape than predicted congressional actions.

So for the next five years, let’s be real conservatives, see the value of the status quo, and do nothing about the budget. No cuts, no tax increases. Just…nothing. No radical proposals like making Bush’s tax cuts permanent, no more wars of choice, no more unfunded bills. Congresspersons could simply implement existing law, take their checks and government health care – and phone it in. They’d be fiscal heroes compared to today the Republicans of the 2000-2006 era.

EDIT: Under this scenario the CBO report, additional deficit reduction would be needed, but doing nothing is better than the likely Congressional actions the CBO anticipates in their alternative scenario.

This is what happens when you go too deep multitasking at work.

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