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Friedman Manages to Forget Why We Went to War in Iraq

The Iraq War was the single largest mistake America has ever made. This is not hyperbole. Iraq had no WMDs and they were not harboring al Qaeda. Saddam Hussein was no threat to the citizens of the United States, nor … Continue reading

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New York Times’ Recent Word Salads

Read more, think more, write less Continue reading

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I Guess A Grand Bargain Is Not Possible

But I only realized it when Thomas Friedman tried to show just how possible it was in his fantasy writings on the op ed board of the world’s most respected daily newspaper. My favorite part: Everything will be on the … Continue reading

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Tom – Democrats Do Support a “Real Plan”

Honestly folks, this isn’t “both sides can’t get their act together” on the debt ceiling crisis. Tom’s blabbering below is echoed by much of the Beltway bandits. Personally, I’ll support anyone with a real plan to cut spending, raise revenues … Continue reading

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Reality Undercuts Writers of the NYT Op-Ed Board Yet Again

Tom Friedman is at it again. “Both mainstream ideologies are wrong, but a few global entrepreneurs are leading the way nonpartisan way forward.” You know the drill. His latest article makes two points: Both mainstream approaches to economic growth, spending … Continue reading

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