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The Tea Party Has Never Been Independent from the Republican Party

It’s just full of the baseline crazies of the Republican Party. A study tracked 3,000 Americans, aiming to compare the self-identified Tea Partiers from other American groups, starting from 2006 on. The results? Past affiliation with the Republican Party is … Continue reading

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The Tea Partition

George is on vacation this week, but he’s forwarded me two things so far. The first was an incoherent babble of alt-med commentary, which I assume he wrote after his 8th beer on the beach, where he ranted to his … Continue reading

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It’s Friday! Time for Lazy Reblog

Teabaggers who complain about Tax Day and high income tax levels don’t know anything about them. And it’s because they don’t care – it’s not the real reason their protesting anyway (there are black people in the White House)- and/or … Continue reading

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