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Rick Perry – the Only Honest No-Nothing of the Bunch

Oops indeed. But at least he admits he doesn’t have any idea what he’s saying. Now, let’s roll a list of Rick Perry endorsements: Steve Forbes Bobby Jindal Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval Such careful men.

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Every Metric Is Bigger in Texas. Part 1

It’s probably going to take until November 7th, 2012 for a majority of the nation to realize every positive statistic cited by Rick Perry and his punditry is entirely based on booming population growth, and not any good governance action … Continue reading

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Governor Perry and the Vienna Convention

On the evening of Thursday, July 7th, Texas executed Humberto Leal Garcia, a Mexican national convicted of a 1994 rape and murder. A background: This case blew up in terms diplomatic when it was revealed after his conviction that he … Continue reading

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Governor Rick Perry Intentionally Prolonging Texas Drought

If Rick Perry thinks massive prayer events are going to help end the worst Texas drought in 44 years, he should do it today instead of waiting to host a prayer event one week before the Iowa Republican presidential 2012 … Continue reading

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