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In Terms of Soft Power, Bin Laden Was Losing

While Bin Laden did a good job of dragging us into expensive quagmires like he did to the Soviet Union, indiscriminately killing innocents like al Qaeda’s attacks in Jordan 2005 and Indonesia 2002 significantly drained his support. Most interesting to me … Continue reading

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CNN Asks the Big Questions, Quickly

4% of respondents said yes. 4% of respondents are very lonely. Related poll questions that didn’t make it out of the edit room: Ranging from Very Low Influence to Very High Influence or N/A, will the royal wedding location influence … Continue reading

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Americans Don’t Know What They Want from the Health Care Bill

A majority of Americans want to repeal the health care law, but 4/5 major platforms are very popular. The only one Americans want reformed is the one that controls cost. So a conundrum for governing: How do you proceed with … Continue reading

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CNN: Poor Language Choices Make Your Network Look Clueless

“CNN Ticker: Poll Shows Trouble for big Dem” You’re right; technically, the polls show Arlen Specter is definitely in trouble. BUT against another Democrat, in a primary. A more honest headline would have read something like: “Ticker: Poll shows tough … Continue reading

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