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Literally the Stupidest Thing You’ll Hear All Day

It might not be the craziest thing, but I guarantee it’s the stupidest. “You can’t tell me the system is better now than it was before Medicare,” he said. Coburn agreed that some people received poor care – or no … Continue reading

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Health Is Always Your Individual Choice – Until It’s Not

Andrew Sullivan gives his thoughts on the Affordable Care Act and Ryan’s block grant health care proposal, via Ezra Klein. …At the same time, as a matter of economics and mathematics, we also know at the back of our minds … Continue reading

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Scoring the Health Care Bill

I’ve had to correct a lot of this post, twice now, because I’ve read some more about it, and I’ve changed my mind. It happens, when you think about things. It also helps to read all the sources you normally … Continue reading

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