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British Government To Admit Economy Too Awful to Reach Deficit Reduction Target

Because of the slow economy, Prime Minister Cameron will announce that Britain will not be able to reduce its structural deficit at target. I don’t know how many times Paul Krugman and co. can be right about their predictions, and … Continue reading

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You Can Take Entire Paragraphs David Brooks Wrote and Easily Prove Them Wrong: May 24 2011

Simple Google searches would greatly improve Mr. Brooks’ columns. “The United Kingdom seems to be in the middle of that sort of constructive quarrel now. Usually when I travel from Washington to Britain I move from less gloom to more … Continue reading

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Britain Has a ‘Serious Fraud Office’?

It even has an acronym! I bet the SFO looks down on the Frivolous Fraud Office, those guys are a bunch of losers. http://www.sfo.gov.uk/ This makes it more likely there’s a Department of Mysteries or some other Harry Potter bureaucracy.  

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