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This ain’t your grandma’s legging fashion Occupy protests are getting rougher, but only after municipal governments denied them their right to peacefully assemble, and attacked them Terrifying single mindedness  Obama has prosecuted fewer financial crimes than his last three predecessors … Continue reading

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British Government To Admit Economy Too Awful to Reach Deficit Reduction Target

Because of the slow economy, Prime Minister Cameron will announce that Britain will not be able to reduce its structural deficit at target. I don’t know how many times Paul Krugman and co. can be right about their predictions, and … Continue reading

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7 of the 10 Largest Bankruptcies in US History Have Occurred in the Last 3 Years

Once you add MS Global into the mix. It’s a shame nothing could have been done about all this. The mysterious vagaries of the business cycle are unbounded…

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This Ain’t Your Parents Recovery

And it’s because this recession is different. This recession was not caused by inflation like the recession in the early 80s, and not part of the business cycle. For our purposes, we need to stop using Friedman’s logic and go … Continue reading

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Companies Aren’t People

It bears repeating, especially when we get handed obvious bullshit like this steaming load from T-Mobile’s CEO: DT and AT&T believe the DOJ has failed to acknowledge the significant consumer benefits of this deal. DT remains convinced that bringing together … Continue reading

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Come and Get Your Free Shit from Homeland Security

Come get your free shit Free random bits of crap will help keep you safe. We spend $75 billion a year on stupid shit, like giving DreamWorks an armored vehicle to protect its facility (I guess against a jihadist assault … Continue reading

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The Marketing Success of Oligarchs, Bigger Even Than Bud Light Lime

As the talk show host Tavis Smiley and I have said in our national tour against poverty, the recent budget deal is only the latest phase of a 30-year, top-down, one-sided war against the poor and working people in the … Continue reading

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92% of Bank Managers From 10 Years Ago Still Run the Same Companies

If your company needed a bailout for your management mistakes, you would probably be fired. Our financial oligarchs are all still there, making the same mistakes as before. This is a fucking large failure of political economy.

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But How Will We Know Who’s Cool Or Not?

Yet Macs still cost twice as much on average.

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Rising Household Poverty Greatest Concern for Cable Executives

A large TV and many channels to watch on it is almost a religious observation in America. More and more people can’t afford even that. Reuters: Cable worried about poverty, not Netflix But it’s ok guys, sales of luxury goods … Continue reading

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