Things That You Might Find Interesting

  1. A banker can’t get it done, you say?
  2. China needs oil, Iran has it. US sanctions don’t matter
  3. Ooh, more pro-Romney fluff from the Republican establishment
  4. If you use/like the archetypal monomyth in stories, you are a progressive
  5. Computer management and engineering majors deserve their unemployment because they should have chosen more practical, in-demand careers…

The fourth article, Tyler Cowen’s piece, makes little sense. Surprising, because he’s usually very sensible. I think it stems from the conservative agape for individual responsibility above all things, even objectivity.

If a Danish man has a poor father, he is twice as likely to improve on his father’s poverty than an American man. Are individual responsibility ideologues saying Europe is more the land of rugged individualism? After all, individuals are more likely to do better at a generational baseline.

Or maybe populations matter more than individuals? And maybe, populations are made up of individuals? So, if you enact policies that provide opportunities to the largest percentage of a population, the policy makers would be maximizing the opportunity for the most individuals to improve themselves?


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