Police Fraternity in Brutality

Saturday at the Occupy Wall Street protest, the NYPD officers were pulling cameramen unprovoked across the barricade, to beat them just to stop recording arrests. Then the commanding officer pepper sprays a bunch of girls just passively watching. See for yourself.

The most telling part is after the lieutenant (or sergeant) pepper sprays those girls, the officers closest to the barricade look at each other in shock.

(Go here for the link. $60 for embedding HD video? Not that fancy.)

That the officers in charge showed no restraint warrants punishment. Unfortunately, the NYPD has said the officers have done nothing wrong. I didn’t know officers could just pepper spray bystanders. I guess no standing person is safe in Manhattan.

Disclaimer: My family has a lot of NYPD officers in it, and they’re good people. I don’t think this reflects badly on the force as a whole, but with the individual commanding officers on the scene and the department’s heads who decided to protect brutal actions from punishment instead of seeking justice for the protesters.

Shit’s not right.

<<The NYPD said they will review the case, after it was revealed the same officer pepper sprayed another woman without cause.>>

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