‘Military Considerations’ Have Nothing to Consider from the Worst Graph Ever

What? And also, what!

According to this chart, presented by American Military University’s William Gawthrop, as presented at an FBI training, Christian nations are now completely non-violent, while, uh, Muslims are only slightly less violent now. Wow! And the taxpayer pays some guy to stand up in front of FBI trainees and spout this?! Holy Hannah!

A couple good points by Statistical Modeling, Causal Interference, and Social Science:

– The gap between 610 and 622 A.D. seems to be about the same as the previous 600 years, and only a little less than the 1400 years before that.

– “Pious and devout” Jews are portrayed as having steadily increased in nonviolence up to the present day. Been to Israel lately?

– I assume the line labeled “Bible” is referring to Christians? I’m sort of amazed to see pious and devout Christians listed as being maximally violent at the beginning. Huh? I thought Christ was supposed to be a nonviolent, mellow dude. The line starts at 3 B.C., implying that baby Jesus was at the extreme of violence.

Gong forward, we can learn from the graph that pious and devout Christians in 1492 or 1618, say, were much more peaceful than Jesus and his crew.

– Most amusingly given the discussion of religious militancy, the above graph is itself an expression of religious fundamentalism! Look at that “Torah” line carefully. It starts in 1400 B.C.!

I’ll add some more:

  • What does the star mean? The Red Army now counts as a religion?
  • Modern Israel is grappling with one of the worst cases of ethnic nationalism in the modern world. They have voluntarily bombed at least three nations in the last 10 years in a quest for lebensraum.
  • Christianity was undoubtedly most pacifistic at the beginning. This guy’s imaginary linear lines even forget the Crusades!

Even as a conceptual line chart used mainly as a tool of perception, this is totally outside the realm of applicability.

Just wow! And this guy is a faculty member at a war college. Is this satire?

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