The Tea Party Has Never Been Independent from the Republican Party

It’s just full of the baseline crazies of the Republican Party.

A study tracked 3,000 Americans, aiming to compare the self-identified Tea Partiers from other American groups, starting from 2006 on. The results?

Past affiliation with the Republican Party is the strongest indicator of modern Tea Party membership. The second strongest was a desire to see Christianity play a larger role in government.

More strong indicators? Tea Partiers don’t care for black people or immigrants, and are almost entirely white.

Smaller government didn’t even rank on this survey’s results. Not that surprising, if you buy that it’s the government spending on the Others that angers Teabaggers, which I do.

It seems more and more likely Tea Partiers are, in fact, racist Christian Dominionists. Some observers called that back in 2009, but it’s taken awhile for social science to catch up. Kudos to them.


Perry or Bachmann folks.

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