Tom – Democrats Do Support a “Real Plan”

Honestly folks, this isn’t “both sides can’t get their act together” on the debt ceiling crisis. Tom’s blabbering below is echoed by much of the Beltway bandits.

Personally, I’ll support anyone with a real plan to cut spending, raise revenues and boost investment in the five pillars of our success – Democrat or Republican. But if neither Republicans nor Democrats can see that we need a hybrid politics today – one that requires cutting, taxing and investing as part of a single nation-building strategy (phased in over time) – then I’ll hope for a third party that does get it and can take us where we need to go. Thomas Friedman

Democrats both in the Executive and Legislative branches support a plan that cuts spending and raises revenues. As for boosting investment, it’s reported Obama tried to include stimulus measures in negotiations, as well as tax reform, but Boehner walked out on the grand bargain.

Republicans voted it down. Republicans will not support a “real plan” because almost all of the 240 of them will not raise revenues. Period. And the Tea Party Republicans only want to cut spending, not boost investment.

If you’re like Tom Friedman and you’re thinking to yourself “good heavens, we need a third party because these two can’t get it done” it’s just plain wrong.

Republicans can’t get it done. And because of our rules and the size of representation in each legislative house, Democrats can’t get it done without them.

If Tom’s argument was: we need to reform our political process to support a multi-party system, that’s a valuable discussion to have. But the intransigence of Republicans would stop a third party from good governance too.

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2 Responses to Tom – Democrats Do Support a “Real Plan”

  1. jonolan says:

    Please define “investment” and explain how government spending can create jobs except within the government? The Stimulus already proved that government money won’t create private sector jobs.

  2. dcskeptic says:

    Government creates jobs outside the government all the time. For instance, I work at a private company that has government contracts, and that employs people. Things like building bridges and maintaining highways are contracted to private companies. The military itself is provisioned by several private companies that don’t just work in government. Stimulus money works in the same way. The problem with the stimulus was it was 40% tax cuts – which don’t stimulate demand in deflationary recessions, 20% debt relief to states, and only 40% direct spending – like the kind of transaction described above.

    Friedman lays out what he defines investment as in his article.

    It’s interesting you can declare that the stimulus proved government money can’t create private sector jobs because the CBO, Goldman Sachs, Mark Zandi over at Moody’s, and most other prominent nonpartisan entities that perform economic analysis have estimated that the stimulus created or saved several million jobs – depending on the particular estimate. Google “stimulus results + ” any of those three for documentation.

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