Syrian Blogger Abducted – Read Her Story – UPDATED

Well, can’t believe everything you read.


Yesterday, a prominent Syrian blogger was abducted by one of the 18 police organizations in Syria. You may have already heard about A Gay Girl in Damascus, but if you haven’t, the author is Amina Abdallah, a dual Syrian-American citizen, who blogs about coming out as a lesbian in Syria and being an outspoken progressive in the midst of the brutal crackdown by the Syrian police state.

Some of the stories are gripping, others give you an insight into the hidden gay Syrian culture. Some are just bits of poetry she’s written and the like. All of it is interesting. I’ve rarely read a personal blog so revealing and inspiring.  It takes uncommon bravery to so insistently defy a police state that had already tried to silence her. She had been in hiding for a month, the first time thugs had unsuccessfully tried to kidnap her.

Well, the police finally caught up with Amina and now she is lost in the abyss of the Syrian prison system. The only thing readers can do for her now is to ask for more people to read her story, so I hope you will.

A Gay Girl in Damascus

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