Rep. Weiner Ties It Up

Metaphorically! In the game of which party can comically reveal the most mildly sexually immoral members! Republicans vs. Democrats are tied this year 1-1.

Honestly, it boggles (the mind) why politicians think they can get away with this. First this year, it was Republican Rep. Christopher Lee sending his tensed up pectorals over Craigslist to a potential hay roller using his US Congress email address, and now Rep. Weiner sends his tensed up manflesh to a very much younger lady over a twit.

And he’s done this using Twitter, Facebook, and email accounts to 5 other fine cyber ladies? Two pointers to all aspiring national figures:

  1. You are famous. People want to destroy you politically. If you are going to send nude or semi-nude images of yourself to individuals not your wife/husband because you think you are powerful and thereby sexy, do it by hard copy from one of those blue USPS bins spread around the country under an alias – else you’re probably gonna get caught.
  2. You are famous and to be reelected you will have to go on the TV with your photographed penis comically enlarged (or your vagina comically widened) with everyone staring at it and then staring at your crotch over and over, while explaining how it got there. You have no political future after this. I cannot look at Weiner’s face without seeing his boxer brief tent.

And listen, politicians, it’s not a No Good Bad Thing to send nude pictures of yourself to a sexy partner. Just don’t send it over social media platforms and never to anyone you haven’t publicly acknowledged you bang regularly and with gusto.

Because you’ll have to lie publicly later, due to utterly predictable claims that you are misrepresenting abstract things like “marriage”, “the Democratic Party”, and “American ideals” and less abstractly “he cheated on his wife”. Photographing my genitalia will never be called an affront to the American people, you guys however, it’s too easy to do, and you’ll have to be dropped for it.

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