WSJ Makes Shit Up and Unsurprisingly Sticks With Sympathetic Media Outlets

Man, hear the echo chamber roar. It seems like articles that promote accuracy don’t get much traction, maybe they’re too complicated for pithy two paragraph zingers (guilty of this), but shit-flinging ones do. I’ll try and find a study, maybe somebody’s looked at the speed of disinformation flow in the Internet.

In the mean time, I give you the lie: Democrats want to raise people’s taxes to 62%, by Stephen Moore at the Wall Street Journal. Ryan Chittum at the Columbian Journalism Review calls him out:

For Moore’s headline purposes he includes state taxes to get to 62 percent, but when he compare it to rates under Reagan, he doesn’t include state taxes.

The comparison is much more misleading than that, really. Moore is also including things like payroll taxes to come up with his fake 62 percent number, while not including them in that 28 percent Reagan figure. You can’t do that, boss.

Moreover, to come up with that doozy of a number, Moore is adding in not only state and payroll taxes, but just about every possible tax hike being bandied about by Democrats. But Moore knows full well that even if they wanted to, which they don’t, the Dems wouldn’t be able to enact every one of these. But he acts like they’re all coming.

To get to 62 percent, Moore also includes 4 percentage points for state taxes. It’s unclear why he didn’t include local taxes while he was at it. That would have got him another full point (it’s always worth noting that state and local taxes are extremely regressive, taking 11 percent of the income of the lowest quintile of earners, which is more than twice what the top 1 percent pays.)

The lie got picked up by the Milwaukee Journal Online, Human Events, Fox News,, and CNBC with Larry Kudlow, all of which reported it as a declaration.

It’s almost like conservatives made up this tax lie in an attempt to change the discourse away from the incredibly unpopular Medicare cuts in Ryan’s budget proposal Republican Congressmen all voted for and then lost the special NY-26 congressional election over…

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