John Boehner is Dr. Evil

“Ok, then we hold the Democrats ransom for…2 trillion dollars!”

Laying down a marker on the eve of new budget negotiations, the Ohio Republican also said he wanted the amount of the cuts to exceed any increase in the nation’s borrowing limit, a demand that probably would mean new spending reductions of $2 trillion or more — many times higher than the $38 billion in cuts approved last month in the 2011 budget….

Many Republicans won their seats in Congress after campaigning against the debt limit increase, and Temple said the tea party groups would be grading lawmakers on the debt ceiling vote alone.

“If you vote to raise the debt ceiling, you get a ‘0’ for the year from the tea party,” he said. “If you don’t vote to raise the debt ceiling, you get a ‘100’ and you’re a hero.”

Bob Vander Plaats, an influential Christian leader in Iowa, called default concerns “a myth,” and said the debt limit vote provided “the perfect opportunity to substantially reduce the size and scope of government.” LA Times

This is going to be a lot of fun. Let the clueless shouting of arbitrary budget figures commence! I’ll start:


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